As said, new to film photography and eager to do my own printing. As already guessed, I have about 100 questions and I am not really sure where to start but I will give it a try

So, a guy in a "local" forum has for sale the below kit:

  1. Opemus 5 enlarger
  2. Meochrom 2 head or whatever this is called
  3. 50mm f3.5 3-elements lens
  4. Power supply & volt stabilizer
  5. A 24x30cm (I think) wooden plate on the bottom have no idea how this is called.
  6. Condenser

The price asked is 100 Eur so It is somewhat affordable.

What I would like to achieve is basically to be able to print in B&W as well as color negatives 135 and 6x45. So my questions:

1. What do you think of the asked price, is it a good deal?
2. Is this kit enough to do what I want strictly hardware wise? (I mean not counting chemicals, papers, clamps, water basins etc.)
3. Could I also possibly print slides? Like Velvia 50 for example?
4. Does this hardware need/have any kind of maintenance?
5. Are there any "supplies" needed? I think a lamp needs changing perhaps?
6. If indeed supplies are needed can they still be found?
7. What about in the future, any guesses whether they will still be around?

Thanks in advance for all the help, much appreciated.