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My school and classrooms were too. But then, around 1968, something went terribly wrong.

Essentially those being beaten at home, drunk fathers and loveless mothers, and seeing it on TV completely different, that spawned the hippies... Trying to find something REAL instead of something they were told was how it should be when it never was that way... For most...
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It's probably hopelessly dated now, but there used to be a standard joke about emo grass. It cuts itself, you see.

At my age I'm supposed to be a curmudgeon about all the different cultural classifications of youth, I guess, but I still think they're kind of charming. The ability of young people to generate endless different signifiers of identity, and thus provide the portraitists among us with an ever-evolving pool of raw material, is astonishing and admirable.

This is a nice perspective to have, instead of complaining about "all the darn tattoos" now, embracing the new raw material as something new to work with instead of the "same old thing" I hope I can keep that and remember it in my own old age.