I've been shooting with an old Automat for a whole now (as it's a lighter daily carry than my Hasselblad!) and decided it might be nice to be able to do portraits as well as general photography. I know I need either a Rolleinar I or II for this, but I've run into a minor snag.

My Automat is one of the earlier ones with the push on viewing lens and the Bay I taking lens. I thought I had purchased the right stuff to overcome that, but when I developed the first roll every shot came out blurry (shooting at approx f5.8 or so...). What am I missing? Is there a part I don't have or something I'm doing wrong? I've attached pics of the camera and the 3 pieces I have - Rolleipar Proxar II and a Rolleinar I and Rolleinar II. Any help would be much appreciated!