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That is no longer the business of Mr. Cark and Kodak.
Perhaps the biggest take-away here is that this thread and the Calumet out-of-business thread, both started yesterday within only five hours and seventeen minutes of each other, currently show 3,420 views for Calumet and only 653 views for the new Kodak CEO who is replacing Antonio Perez.

Given the emotionally epic nature of earlier Kodak threads, I think this may speak volumes about the current residual levels of mindshare and perceived relevance of today's Kodak. At one point posters were at each other's throats over Kodak/Perez and the end-of-the-world. Now hardly a peep.

Maybe it's because many still thought there was a chance to right the ship back then, but no chance now?

I guess that boat has not only already sailed. It sank.