I think there's an "outside" demographic in every generation. The emo kids and ravers and metalheads and punks and mods and hippies and beatniks and flappers all seem to me to represent the same basic kind of alienation---a demographic for whom on paper life is supposed to be pretty good, but who consider that definition of "good" to be fake and exclusionary, and who are more or less trying to build something that they believe in. Scratch any of 'em and you find similar creatures under the different-looking surfaces, and they've all had cultural totems with the same basic message; watch _Suburbia_, _River's Edge_, _Rebel Without A Cause_, and _Easy Rider_ all in a block if you doubt it.

Personally, I wouldn't want to live in the _Leave It To Beaver_ world; to my point of view from a generation or so later, it looks like a cultural deathtrap. But these things are by definition personal.