For sale is a Kodak Brownie Automatic Pat'n April 21 1906 or 08 my eyes aren't as good as they could be.. This camera uses 616 film, of which I just shot my last two rolls in. It's hard to find developers for it. This camera would be a good project for someone to convert to 120 film. I have seen on the web where it can be done fairly easy. It would be a great panoramic camera according to the article and instructions. Bellows are light tight, no repairs. Lens is clean and clear, no haze or fungus and no scratches. Shutter works properly in each mode I, B, T and aperture openings are all correct. I could not tell you the shutter speed, but would suspect about 1/50th or 1/75th. I put a leather strap on top to replace the missing one. Other than that the camera is in great cosmetic shape considering its age. The wood in the back appears light tight, and everything fits snug.
It comes with at least two spools, and I may have another floating around here. They would be good for the mod. I don't want to change it myself.
The viewfinder is good for its age too.
I am asking $45 and $12 in shipping, Paypal is fine, prefer US sale.
Thanks for looking,