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Thought I'd come back on this one to give another 2¢ worth. Yeah, I guess I am fortunate. I grew up in the kind of family a smart man thanks God for. We weren't rich, but when I talk to my Dad about it now, he says "we lived within our means".
I mention this now, because I just found out a couple hours ago that the woman found up the road in town at 3 in the morning slumped over the steering wheel with one in the head the other night--my next door neighbor over through the woods on the next piece of land, is in the klink right now. 37 year old boy going to prison for the rest of his life for getting too angry and too drunk with a gun in his hand; at his ex-wife. Makes you think how fortunate you are.
I'd whole lot rather be shooting people with cameras and film.
Yay Tom! Bravo! Seeing the good side of life, good post (even with all the death in it).