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Thanks to the many suggestions, so far.

I think that this is my short-list.

-Olympus OM-1n + 40mm f2.0 or 50mm f1.8
-Pentax MX + 40mm f2.8
-Nikon FM + 45mm f2.8

Mechanical Shutter is my preference, it is not a deal breaker. There are quite a few small mechanical cameras anyways...

The PEN sound sweet, but full-frame is even sweeter. Contax sounds cool too but it is more expensive than the above cameras and maybe it holds no advantage.

I'd go Pentax MX + 40/2.8 if I am absolutely OK with a 40mm lens. This settup seems not too expensive and very well-rounded. The OM -1 also sounds excellent too but the 40/2.0 is much more expensive than the Pentax 40/2.8 and I don't need extra speed. The 50mm f1.8 is appealing because it is dirt cheap. The Nikon FM + 45/2.8 sounds comparable in size, maybe a tad bulkier (I'm guessing), but that 45mm focal length is a plus for me.

After writing this reply, I am leaning towards Nikon. How is the 45mm? I assume that the FM + 45mm f2.8 is not too much larger than the above aforementioned cameras, or too much more expensive either? What is the size of this settup with the Olympus OM1-n + 50mm f1.8 (or another comparable settup?)

Well, I think that the size differences won't be substantial but are all of these lenses good? I don't have to have the absolute best lenses, in terms of image quality.
Don't forget to research that Chinon 45mm pancake for Pentax K before discounting the MX!