Wow, thanks for all the quick responses. Lee, just so you know, my hands are always gloved when handling your negatives, and even when handling the unexposed films because photochemistry and something in my skin react to each other. If I touch unexposed film or paper, it will develop as an exposed blob even if light never touched it. So the "handling" shouldn't in and of itself be a problem. Also I don't develop negatives for others, I always recommend to the point of insistence that for rolls and sheets that they exposed, a proper lab should be used. I only develop films which I have exposed.

I guess for now I will hold tight, but maybe Sean's offer would be good. Just tone down the direct connection, make it a bit harder to figure it out.

BTW, that's why my avatar disappeared again. So I guess now I have to admit that it was me and I wasn't comfortable with the concept that my customers would figure that out likety split.

Thank you for all the feed back.