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How much of that in 70mm do you have? I'm looking to get my hands on some.
2500 feet, 20 pounds in a large metal can.
I can never use all of it during the rest of my life. I bought it just for playing around a bit.
I could send you some 100ft but Australia is far from Europe, so I had to check out shipping cost.
Also I have to check out how to pack it. Maybe I have to buy a tea can or something like that to put it in.
The film is probably fogged a bit by age. So when overdeveloping it, nothing happens except the base becomes grey more and more. This is no problem for doing negatives or contact prints but may be a problem when using it as a camera film for slides E-6. I never tried this but I guess the resulting sildes could be too thin because the FD will eat too much of the density. I haven't tried it as a camera film. If you are interested, please contact me.