I was at SPE in Baltimore with a booth right beside Kodak Alaris.

Most bizarre situation that I still cannot figure out, all the guy did was collect business cards by giving out a roll or two of film, His booth was swamped with students lining up for a free roll of film. Ok this makes kind of sense, collect names for future marketing??? not what I think is the best way to spend marketing money.

I could not engage the rep in conversation as he was too busy handing out film and by the end of two days was not interested in talking to him as
he obviously was not there talking Kodak products other than the free film give away.
I did not get the sense that anything was coming down the pipeline in terms of Kodak products , other than they have a bucket full of film to get rid of.

He would start his spiel by WHO SHOOTS FILM then make them stand like lemmings to get a free roll, this was very strange marketing and promotion , as
there was no information other than a chance to get a roll of film.

I heard from other vendors that this is going on at all photoevents and this guy is there handing our single rolls, of colour , black and white in different sizes.