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Benji I haven't used mine for 62 two because I am not as old as that. Regarding the small viewfinder an accessory viewfinder helps a lot. I love my Albada finders. I also agree the F1 is a superb camera but from 2014 perspective it is severely outdated just like a Contax or any other fully manual camera. It's also important to note that neither the Leica nor the Contax were in widespread use before the war. Pros mostly used bigger tools and they had much bigger viewfinders if they used one that is. The Westlich auction sells all kind of cameras from collector items to user. Some are of course purely fetish and not really usable at all for modern photography. The Leicashop/Westlich Auction nr1. customers come from China and Japan and they buy them as fetish unfortunately some even end up in museums.
The New F1 isn't a "fully manual camera" you are mistaking it for the Original F1 which is purely mechanical , the New F1 is capable of aperture priority AE and shutter priority AE with the AE prism Finder FN and the AE motor drive , or AE power winder FN. The shutter is a hybrid electro-mechanical one that will work without the battery on all the speeds from 1/90th sec. to 1/2000 sec.