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I saw what you did for Don, and have been seriously considering sending you some negatives to enlarge for me. You are brave enough to ask when you don't know, and good enough to work through and make exemplary work. Like Ed said, I would be more worried if you thought you knew it all. At that point you would give up too easily if the things presented were not easily done. Keep up the goopd work, and as they say, "YOU GO GIRL!"
Thank you, Aggie! This feels good. I will be happy to enlarge some negatives for you. I am trying to figure out some pricing, right now I am roughing them to be about $25 a piece, but I will need to do some more research to see if that is too high.

And by the way, as Don found out, if you send me something that I either haven't tried yet, or have not succeeded at yet, that job is free except for postage sending back and forth. In this way I am able to honestly try new things, risk failing on a round or two in order to figure out what to do to get it right the next time. I have two clients that keep bringing me new things, accept that I will probably fail the first try, then they agree to bring them back in a month or so for me to try again. For one fellow I actually completely replaced my light deck after his job showed me that it had a fatal flaw for doing his dense slides. He hasn't been back for me to re-try yet (and since his slides are denser than anyone elses I cannot just try any ol' slide to see if success is at hand.) but this is his travelling season so I expect he is out of town till October some time.