If they're out of the photography business, maybe Kodak could try a sure money maker like say various paper products, since rolled products were their claim to fame. They can even keep the names, such as:

T-Max Triple Strength Super Strong and Absorbent paper towels, 100 and 400 sheet rolls
Super-XX economy paper towels
Royal-X triple ply extra soft bathroom tissue, also available in extra large sheets
Tri-X mega roll 2 ply plush bathroom tissue
Plus-X economy version of previous
Panatomic-X lint free single ply bath tissue in huge roll for commercial use
Verichrome bath tissue and towels in colors to match your home decor, can also use the "Elite" designation
Pro-Pack case quantities of any of the above for hotels, schools, prisons, etc.
Double-Two handy travel sized packs
Autographic custom products for large volume users

All in the classic yellow pack.