OK!! Got my stamps, figured out how to make labels in Windows 8 ... Uh oh .. where are the cards? Soon, people, soon.

Anakin--"the greatest happiness"--you're braver than me. Didn't one of those things in a golfer in Florida? Is
Vyshemirsky--"Rainy Scotland"--very nice. I don't know how you guys do color when I can hardly do black and white.
Varya--" Building An Interociter"-- I think I saw this series in the gallery. This one really made me laugh because I love the detail in your mouth/hearing protection. Is that your addition already come that way? Nice and sharp throughout.
Jimbop-- "Brothers In Arms"--fantastic, the one on the right is staring directly at you and the eyes of tack sharp. This would be a heck of a portrait home so that the eyes were right at your eye level, nice and large.
TXFZ1--"Angry Angel II"-- nice tones, great story all of detail in the ring is captured so the lighting was just right. Should I infer anything relative to the one star on the Angels Brown?
Mark Sauerwald-- "Mission San Juan Bautisita"--beautiful. Your note said it was shot with a 210 mm lens, so I assume 4x5 or so, given that it's a sharp as can be from the front of the bell to the statue at the end of the walkway. Great job.
Todd Haynes--"Shrine of Children's Shoes"--amazing find. I have to ask what is the story behind the shoes on the wall. I also like the detail in the stained-glass window. It looks like it's indoors looking out through the window, and I just about never get a picture like that without the light thru the window blowing out all highlights. Very nice.