There have been so many posts that I hope to catch all questions with this answer:

1) The camera does not exist yet, the next step will be to build a prototype.
2) The price depends on the current cost for materials and quantities. We target a price below 3.000 EUR without tax.
3) 35mm lenses are fine to use because of the slot image (you donīt need an image circle with full coverage). Other mounts than Nikon are possible but will be a custom modification with a price tag to it.
4) The format is ADJUSTABLE in about 5° increments. We might even allow self-programming via a PC. This all depends on the cameras success. This is a 2014 technology product.
Depending on the settings formats of e.g. 6x9, 6x12, 6x17, 6x24 etc. can be achived.
5) The times are adjustable as well