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Because I shoot more than test patterns posted on a wall I would disagree heavily with this statement. In fact I avoid most modern glass and actually do not find it superior at all. But perhaps that's the subject for a different thread someday...

Let me qualify

I'm talking about optimizing resolution and contrast here, nothing more. There's really no question that modern computer-aided designs and multi-coatings coupled with more stringent quality control and assembly procedures have resulted in a general improvement in these parameters when compared with single or uncoated lenses that were hand assembled and designed "on paper." Whether you like that or not or whether you call that "quality," is another issue.

The OP's question was about whether a particular color of filter would degrade contrast and sharpness more than another. That is what I was addressing, not aesthetic issues.

FWIW, there were/are a lot of older lenses that don't fit this generality; I love my Ektars and there are those who swear by the Red-dot Artars, etc. etc.