Darkroom by Lustrum Press; edited by Eleanor Lewis. 183pp. Pub. 1977
I just ordered and recieved this book. It is a fascinating trip into the darkroom work and minds of:Wynn Bullock; Jerry Burchard; Linda Conner; Ralph Gibson;
Betty Hahn; Eikoh Hosoe; George Krause; Elaine Mayes; Duane Michaels; W. Eugene Smith; George Tice; and Jerry Uelselmann.
A great meat and potatoes book. Filled with examples and the exact papers and chemistry they used.Everyone just lets loose in these pages. There are even some very interesting formulas for paper developers I will post later in the Chenistry Recipes Section. They just don't make books like this now. Everyone gave open-heartedly in the project. None of the my way is better than yours garbage.
As an aside I want to put a plug in for the bookseller who sold it to me via
Abe's books. His name is Gordon Beckhorn: gbeckhorn@optonline.net and his service was impeccable. I ordered the book on Friday night and got it on Monday.
The book was not cheap and therefore I wouldn't expect everyone to run out and grab a copy but if anyone is sincerely interested than after I'm finished reading it I am willing to put it into "circulation" with the APUG community. Just PM me if interested.
Best, Peter Schrager