Perhaps by giving some of those EK/KA people who reportedly secretly inhabit these forums an unvarnished look into the mind of an ex-Kodak film customer. And by extension, other ex-Kodak film customers as well.

If KA is serious about wanting to use film sales to support those pensioners, this is exactly what they need to hear. One can't even begin to think about correcting a problem until one knows what that problem is. Here, one of their ex-customers is telling them exactly what his problem is. The problem that caused him to stop purchasing their 8x10 TMY product and switch to a competitor.

I've said this before. That sort of market intelligence and feedback is priceless. It, and all of the other concerns raised here (and everywhere else) regarding Kodak-brand film, should be at the top of the agenda for the very next KA brainstorming session about how to increase film sales.

If, of course, that's a valid part of what KA wants to continue doing.