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In his post the customer stated what the problem was, why the problem happened, what he did to fix the problem, and the degree of anger the problem caused him. By inference, he also made known what remedial action it might take to regain him as a customer. Couldn't have done much better than that with a paid interviewer conducting a market research survey.

And it didn't cost anyone a thin dime to acquire that data. Or data from any of the other literally hundreds of Kodak-related "interviews" we have seen on APUG over the course of the last five plus years. And not all of them negative toward Kodak, I hasten to add. It's a veritable gold mine of free customer input, to be ignored at peril.
Somehow I doubt Kodak takes anonymous comments from people who won't give their country, much less their state and city or name, very seriously.

Kudos to you Ken for being one of the rare exceptions.