Loris,I did order a Mark Nelson's 31 step tablet last year according to your previous suggestion.I didn't receive it after waiting for more than one month.Mark Nelson said he didn't know what was going on but he was very nice and gave me full refund.And he suggested me to look for other step tablets like Stouffer.That's why I bought the Stouffer step tablets later on.

And believe me that I have no intention of insisting on coating small areas.I remember you said I should coat an area at least same as the final size print.I coated for 4X5 because that would be one of my final sizes.I would tear it into two parts(2X5 each) and placed the tablet in the middle of each part.

I'll redo it according to your suggestions of coating volume and sizes tonight.

Thanks so much for your immense patience.And sorry for all the trouble.I'm really very grateful for all your kindness and warm-hearted help