I must admit that I have the same love affairs (yes, I am a polygamist!) with my M/F equipment: RB 67, a 500c, Mamiya C330's, M645 and Super as well as a few rangefinder Fuji's thrown in for spice. I have some digital equipment as well ( a couple of Pentax's) but I get the greatest satisfaction of shooting with my film cameras, whether slr or rangefinder. As the OP said earlier, I take a lot more time taking the picture and a lot more enjoyment in the processing end as well. The results (to me) speak for themselves. Granted, my digitals are great for weddings, and events due to their speed but I don't get the same level of satisfaction after looking over ton's of digital images; they tend to all look the same after a while. I guess I'll have to continue my open marriage with my digital and film stuff. They even share the same camera bags at night! Best of all, my wife of many years knows of these illicit relationships and is even aware of my sneaking down to the darkroom in the basement to perform all kinds of hedonistic acts in the dark. Now that's love!