I get the romance. I'm polyamorous with my Contax RTS II, 139Q, Contax IIa, Kiev IIa, Topcon Super D; and my bond with the Ikoflex is similar to Ralph's with his Hassy. Sometimes I think we would all be happier living together in Utah or along the north rim in Arizona. The scenery is a big reason but I feel also our love might be more accepted.

ps. I have to use a dSLR for work and I don't enjoy photographing nearly as much; nor do I work so hard at it. On occasion, I just set it to autofocus and snap the shutter without even bothering with the viewfinder. The results are rarely impressive but they don't need to be. If I want them to be, but have to use a dslr, I adapt a manual-focus Zeiss lens, which is still not a romantic experience but maybe a little closer to it. Like bringing a very good old friend to a work party.