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.....was in the 90's yesterday in So Cal, suppose to be much cooler today, in the 70's......
I was born in Hollywood right off Route 66. I grew up in Norwalk. I lived in Anaheim while working at Disneyland and attending USC. I know the Santa Ana Devil Winds. I know how it feels to open your front door at 7:00am and be hit in the face with a blast of 90F+ heat and 70%+ humidity. I remember playing pickup basketball in near-100F heat. Outdoors. In March.

Then I moved to Washington state...

It's March. It's not near-100F. It's near-34F. My front yard is dusted in snow. If it were dry ice, I'd think I was living on Mars. Like clockwork, our first decent weather day here won't arrive until July 5th.

Only 110 more days to go.