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I realize that this could be potentially an awkward subject but,I'm actually serious.I have determined the reason for my Hasselblad images to be better than my digital images.I don't mean this in a technical quality kind of way but in an artistic kind of value.whenever I take the Hassy,I can be sure of having a much better chance of creating something worth while but,when I take the digital equipment,the trash can is having a feast.the reason?I'm having a romantic relationship with my Hasselblad.Yes, I actually love it,even hug it every day and have been known to sniff it to make sure it is mine.I don't have those feelings for my D800(yet)Am I alone?Good thing is, I don't have to confess to my wife,She knows!
Hasselblad - I have used a few cameras over the years, and none of them feel as natural to me as the Hasselblad. Soul mates, you could say...
Thanks for the GAS Thomas
Those that have know. The others wish that they could have so that they too could know.