I'm starting to get pretty good at working on these Hasselblad bodies. The lenses can be pretty tough, and I haven't even touched a Hass shutter yet. But I'm getting to where I can do a pretty respectable job on the bodies. I've got a 1996 553 ELX, and an original 1957 500C with the original piston that was never converted, up on the worktable now. I'm sitting here waiting on a new metric dial caliper to come in the mail today, so I can make sure my body lengths are all on the mark. I don't want to put them back together with a short or long body and have infinity be off.
If you don't get a Hasselblad back to specs, it's no better and probably worse that a box camera. You can't fool around with these one bit--they have to be right or you've got a big fat nothing.