A few things.

If you do look for a rollback make sure it fits your camera. I think these mostly shipped with old style backs that are non-standard today. Some got retrofitted by owners. Check the holders they'll be different then standard film holders.

I think a US company may actually cut film to size but it might make more sense to do it yourself. Does somebody make normal Ortho film anymore? If so you could cut it with the safe light on.

Those cameras came with longer lens then the press cameras. Depending on the design they might cover 4x5. I'm guessing they are barrel lens. If so getting a 4x5 speedgraphic body might be cheaper and easier then finding the right rollfilm holder. If they have shutters then they would work on any 4x5 body. Even without shutters then can be made to work with some effort. Old lens don't mean bad ones.