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In Ralph's hands, a Hassy knows it has to do its best.
Well, I wasn't thinking of you, if you are Ralph.

I was thinking of amateurs and photo-kids who pick up Hasselblads because they think it will make them serious photographers.

The result is thousands of flickr posts of pets, pals and pot plants that are not very well framed, focused or exposed. Often they are shot on expired film for extra low quality.

The other day I saw a book of extremely bland and boring portraits. It was shot by a minor celebrity who had photographed other minor celebrities. The whole point of the book was that these dull portraits were shot with a Hasselblad, as if that would automatically make them any better.

These people would be much better off with digital compacts. At least they would be able to get the shots they want with minimal effort.

The Hasselblads wouldn't suffer such degrading fates if they weren't surrounded by such mystique and cool.