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It's not just the viewfinder. For me, at least, there's just so many settings and options on a dslr that it's easy to focus less on the image than the technology. Maybe because I don't use the dslr enough.
You really only NEED (as in absolutely positively can't live without) two options on a camera - three if it has a built-in meter. Shutter speed, Aperture, and in the case of those with a built-in meter, ISO. All the rest of the options/settings are there to manipulate two of the three I just listed. This includes all AE modes, AF, exposure compensation, etc...

For example, when shooting Rollei IR400, I use all three options, in completely manual mode. I set the ISO to 25 (that ISO gives me the results I want with the process I use and the IR filter I have in full sun). I compose, focus (hyperfocal distance and f/16 usually), and manipulate shutter speed and aperture until the camera tells me it's correctly exposed for an ISO 25 film. Then I screw on the IR filter and release the shutter. If I'm shooting any other film, I usually pick an aperture and let the camera pick the shutter speed in Av mode, though occasionally I do it in Tv mode. About the only time I use a Programmed AE mode is if I'm using flash indoors.