The Leica II is the wife and the M2 is my favourite mistress. The other mistresses tend to be irregular in their attraction. The Leica IIIg is the biggest flirt and never content with any attention I may give her. The Voightlander IIICS is a dominatrix I try and avoid. The Vitomatic IIb is far too young for me and very innocent. The Hasselblad is more like my mother and the Werra as a mistress is very nice but has a very minimal dress sense. The Voigtlander prominent has many complicated issues and I avoid her like the plague. The Zeiss Contax IIa is far too old for me and the Zeiss Contaflex is very expensive to take out. The Nikon FM2 is too demanding, but nice to look at. I can’t rally comment on the others.