Let me give an example of when being nitpicky helps. Most of my time I'm lugging around at least a 4x5, and often an 8x10, and the effect on
perceived sharpness with any high-quality modern glass coated filter is going to be largely undetectable. But now that Quickload and Readyload film sleeves are no longer available, and I'm getting to be a bit of a geezer, I sometimes prefer to carry 6x9 roll film backs for my 4x5 on long backpacking trips. If I put a film like Ektar in that (color) or maybe ACROS (black and white), I might be able to squeeze out a 16x20 print that pretends to look like I shot it in large format, if everything is optimized, including the quality of any filters. That's like trying to get a chiuahua to bite like a rottweiler. Needs some good sharp teeth. But again, how many filters does a person really need to carry?
Unless you're talking very large sized ones, good multicoated ones don't cost all that much more than so-so varieties.