I had a thought that I'd share with the APUG'ers here. The idea is to do more to keep film in the public eye. There might be some here who have never heard of Fredmiranda.com, but perhaps most have. I'm an active poster there and have been for some time. There's a forum there titled Alternative Gear & Lenses. This is a hangout for non Canon/Nikon people. It's mostly a mirrorless crowd but lots of people there also shoot alternative lenses on their Canon gear.

There's one thread in there titled Post your recent film shots. You can find it here:


THIS thread is the #1 reason how I rediscovered film. I was an active member of that forum and kept on following the film thread.

The film thread is the 3rd or 4th most active thread in the alternative forum, yet it is still not as vibrant and active as it could be.

I post in there a lot. I try to put up an image once a day or so. If people from this forum put up an image in that thread, it would be nailed to the top of that forum.

I discovered film through that forum. I kept on being intrigued by the images posted there and kept on coming back. We need to keep that thread nailed to the top of that forum. Certain threads at FredMiranda become legendary through their longevity. Film shooters could contribute to that thread, and get more exposure amongst the digital people. I shot digital for 10 years uninterrupted until discovering film in that thread. My next step was to find APUG.

Think about it................