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I must be missing something. Posting on one obscure Internet site is going to save the world? Number 94, the last one, when there are over 300...? So it is okay to discriminate against people who own a Canon or Nikon? Since when? Tell me how your folks are superior to their folks. I have classic images of Elvis and the Beatles and RFK just minutes before he was shot, all taken with a Nikon. Should I throw them in the trash?
Some folks have diarrhea of the keyboard or camera, so does that make them superior human beings/artists/craftsmen/photographers? You discriminate against Canon but only lenses. Are people who use Canon lenses evil? You say this thread is the Pied Piper who will lead us to Nirvana. Is it okay if we give this thing pass?
Bit out of context and totally missed the point of his post. Or like you handle you just snap at random things without reading a thing.

If you take a minute and read what was said. It's a canon and Nikon digital forum with subsections for other cameras and and a film thread.

So yes, to a swear your question, you are missing a lot. In this case the point of this thread.