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Naive and childlike wishful thinking on websites isn't going in any way to slow down the decline in film use, in the real World you just have to accept the facts.
No, but anything positive we can all do instead of constantly urinating in the drinking pond is a good thing in the long run. I know it must disappoint you but Ilford will be making silver gel paper and black and white film years from now because there is solid if not steadily increasing demand for it, ask Simon about that.

As for posting photos on photo enthusiast forums, I have to take a pass for the most part, not the greatest idea if I want to continue to make a great living at it. I am currently in a court battle with a pop artist who somehow got ahold of an aerial image that is under a 3 year exclusive contract. He used it prominently in a 50" x 50" inch piece and sold it for 14K, client not happy and neither am I.

Sorry Ratty, I can't be your guy but I sure as heck promote film use by showing my little portfolios of hand made prints to people in person, that works too...