Is that Whitey Morange or Whitey M. Orange?...just curious so I don't mispronounce it in my head every tiem I see it.

My first thought was the gg was reversed by someone, and you have an interesting reason why. Hopefully someone knows how plate vs film applies to your proposed explanation.

I just borrowed a Zone VI camera from a guy at work to study and noted he had put his GG in backwards from the first time I looked at it.

Other than in my CG that has an Ektalite Fresnel, I do the ground side toward lens/Fresnel behind GG method for my experimental stuff (which I have only looked thru but never shot film with yet...I'm easily amused by the ground glass image for now).

I am spatially challenged. What confuses me is whether to take film thickness into consideration or not when building a camera back, and if so, whether to make the spacing deeper so the surface of the film is at 0.197" for 4x5. I realize film thickness is within the tolerance, filmholders might be warped, etc, so in the interest of being neurotic, and having to go to the effort of spacing anyway, why not go for dead center ? Maybe paper negs are thicker than 0.007" too.