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I mixed the kit by mixing the three parts of developer into the correct amount of water i.e. to make one litre of developer. I hope that's right?
I then mixed in another bottle the two parts of bleach and fixer and water.
I then mixed the stabiliser in the third bottle with the correct amount of water.
Not distilled water though. :-(
That sounds right, and with commercial kits you don't need deionized water.

Since the magenta stuff also affects the areas which were not exposed (and therefore not developed), I am not sure whether your color developer is the problem. Somehow I suspect that your BLIX didn't work properly. Can you remember what BX1 and BX2 looked like? Was BX2 a clear liquid, or was is milky, with a yellow precipitate?

If you mix a fresh set of color chemistry, and if that new set gives you correct results, you could try reBLIXing these magenta clips.