Thank you for that.

I have just developed my first roll of Fuji Neopan 120 using the Ilfotec HC

Apart from having real trouble getting the film on the spool, then never getting the dev temperature below 21 degrees no matter how hard I tried and using the digital truth dev chart developing for 6 minutes they seem to have developed into something. Oddly 2 frames were almost white, 1 frame with an odd black line vertically through it, 3 frames very grey tone, 4 frames dark and then light contrast, 2 frames probably unusable as I accidentally got the end of the spool stuck on the roll and then while the drying was taking place the line I set up in the bathroom failed and the whole roll just hit the deck.

If anything actually scans well it will be a miracle.

I've been trying to find a stand development dilution and time for Ilfotec hc but haven't been successful as yet.

Any thoughts on this anyone?

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Re: mixing the Ilfotec developer. I am assuming that it is Ilfotec HC you are using (which is not HC110 - just similar to it).

(EDIT: You should note that with liquid developers like Ilfotec HC, you normally mix up each time just the amount that you need at that time.)

Many developing tanks have information printed on their bottom which shows how much developer is required by your tank to cover the film and reel you are using. If yours is like my Paterson tank, it says that 290 ml is required for each 35 ml roll.

If that is the case for you, I would suggest that you use 320 ml of working strength developer per roll (it will make the arithmetic simple).

To make up 320 ml of working strength developer, add 10 ml of Ilfotec "syrup" to 310 ml of water - you will end up with 320 ml of Ilfotec HC working solution at a dilution of 1+31 (not 1:31 - that is Kodak's way of saying the same thing).

Syringes will work well when measuring the "syrup". The Paterson 45 ml graduated cylinder is also a useful tool for mixing small quantities.

If you have a graduated cylinder that has a line for 325 ml, and you are careful, it should work fine if you add 10 ml of syrup to some water and then bring the total volume up to the 325 ml line. The extra 5 ml or so of water (in 315) won't make enough of a difference to matter.

If you have measuring equipment that is more accurate, you could mix exactly 290 ml of working strength developer by using the following formula: amount of syrup = total volume needed / 32. So for 290 ml, the calculation is 290/32 = 9.0625 ml syrup, plus water to bring the total volume to 290 ml. But why would you bother?

Hope this helps.

EDIT: In case you don't already have it, here is the link to Ilford's data sheet for Ilfotec HC: