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PKM, I know where you are coming off, good luck with your case.

I just find this place hilarious, since if there's any speculation about film being discontinued or company going under, you can bet there will be hundreds of replies and people wanting blood etc... But if they actually spend some of that free time productively,instead of wasting it on useless arguments. There's a chance that something might happen.

But it seems from bejinoy's opinion great things have only been achieved by doing nothing and arguing on Internet forums.

Anyway, in my circle of friends, since I discovered film there's a 200% increase in film use. I'm working on more. All I know is, if someone didn't post up their photos to internet, me or ratty wouldn't start using film. Nor my friends...
Exactly right. I was happily shooting digital for a *decade* when I stumbled onto the FM thread that I posted about where film users were posting their work. There I saw images that were very intriguing. I could not get them out of my mind. I continued to shoot digital, but always returned to that thread, viewing the work that kept getting posted there. The more I viewed, the more I wanted to be a part of it. Finally, I took the plunge.

I would NEVER have returned to film without seeing regular people posting images showing me what film could do. These people were exposing the value of film DEEP in digital territory. That does NOT happen here at APUG. We are behind friendly lines here.

That thread at FM is responsible for me buying at least 300 rolls of film in the past 2 years. I try to shoot 5 or more rolls per weekend if the weather is good. I did 5 last weekend.

That thread at FM is responsible for me finding APUG. Without it, I never would have searched out for more information.

But I understand. Posting images takes effort. It doesnt happen by itself.

I tried.