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There is no such thing as a throw away shot and if I want to represent my self well, I would never do that. And the commentator thing, I just can't man, really. I find the single most invasive thing to making great photographs is spending too much time on the internet. I only participate on this site and LFF and that is way, waaaay too much time as it is.

I try to add some input on here, look for good deals on stuff I need and that is really about all I can do. The most successful photographers I know spend *zero* time on forums, they only read them once and awhile to get a pulse or to look for some tech tip.
There's no firm rule you have to represent yourself if you decided to advocate for film in that thread. You could post under an anonymous name.

But if you dont want to be on the internet, well then that's a whole 'nother story and one I can' disagree with.