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Ratty, I posted few of my photos from my last years trip to Nepal up there. It was my first digital free holiday since 2003. I'm not sure if I will continue posting there, I really don't like the interface But for now I will see how it works out. I do prefer posting photos, since that's what photography is for me all about etc, not talking about the endless technical thingies magicas. Deep down inside they are all soulless black boxes with lenses.
The FM interface is dirt simple. What's not to like?

Now then, your images are BEAUTIFUL! Exactly what people need to be seeing! I am serious, that is just wonderful photography. I can see already one has responded to your post. Next time (and there WILL be a next time ) Just post a few, then trickle them out over the next few days. My hope is to keep that thread nailed to the top of the forum there. Already it is the 4th most active thread in the Alt. forum.

Your work with Portra is inspiring. For whatever reason I have NEVER liked my own photography when I tried Portra, but I just LOVE other people's work with it. Very bizarre.

THANK YOU for your post over at FM! I mean it.