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By "board" do you mean "mount"? As in using a dry mount press?

Yea I think that's what he means. I think it would be nice if it were an extra large board, as in, give excess space to the edges (6 inches or more?) and allow the recipient to cut it down to the size for the frame they want. Any framer could easily cut it down even with the image inside. However it's also a matter of how much the presentation is important to you, like, if you believe this photo should go with a certain type of frame, color, size, as well as matting, and that's how you want your image to be presented to the world, both in their home as part of the body of your work, then you should choose not only the matte board, but also the frame, if you don't care and you're just making sure it's sturdy for shipping, you could mount it with cloth tape instead of dry mounting it, and let the recipient decide if they want to hard mount it or not.

Either way you're ahead of me, I thought I would have this image done by now but I haven't, soon!!!