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I find this fascinating. I'm installing a home theater this weekend including a 3D projector. If I can shoot 3D stills and project onto my 10' wide screen to view with the projector's active shutter glasses, I think that could be amazingly cool and fun.

Any other suggestions for cameras and such? I don't know the first thing about what stereo cameras were made and what features they had.
Shoot, Roger, just go out with a sliding camera mount and shoot two frames with the camera you have. That way you can use your existing lenses, the resulting pair of slides can be thought as "in-camera dupes" as Galen Rowell used to call them.

They can be 2-D or 3-D as the occasion calls for it.

For example, any of Polyglot's stereograms, would stand alone well as a 2-D photograph because of the rich imagery...

It's just icing on the cake that there's a stereo pair in there!