Very cool. I thought of some kind of movable bracket or such, but I would like to be able to shoot photos including people in at least "normal" motion, for some of what I have in mind.

I was definitely doing a projector not a TV though and 4k projectors are still absurdly expensive with the least expensive coming in at $14k street. The TVs are coming down drasatically but, as you say, there is a lack of content though I've heard that 1080p content upconverted still looks amazingly better than regular 1080p. I compared 4k and 1080p flat screens at the local Fry's and while the 4k was incredibly good they just had some looped video for content AND I'd say the jump isn't as big as standard def up to 1080p.

I went to that site you mentioned, Berezin, and found mixed info. All the references to 3d display on TVs is to, well, TVs and particularly Samsung. There are mentions of other displays but not a lot of clear easy to find info and they particularly list Samsung and Mitsubishi, DLP for both and LED for Samsung. My new projector is an Epson Home Cinema 2030, which is a three chip LED projector. Will they all display the same files as far as you know?

Some kind of bracket like that would certainly be a way to get started without buying more hardware.