The symbol before the Tessar is 1 in a Q, or the 1Q mark, meaning top-quality. It was definitely used in the Jena factory, but I'm not sure about Oberkochen.
I've got 1Q on some of my Pentacon 6 lenses, but only the Zebra (earlier) versions have it, my Red-MC versions don't use this mark (but I'm not sure when they switched to marking MC, maybe the 70s?)
Given that you have the 1Q mark, i'll presume that it's Not multicoated.
The point of the Tessar was actually that it had some of the best IQ possible with the least amount of elements.
As coatings got better you could get better IQ with more elements and they stopped making the Tessar in favour of the Biometar (P6, Jena) or Planar (Hassy, Oberkochen). There was never a Red MC Tessar for P6 as far as I've ever heard (although I could be wrong).