Of the ones you list I do not have the AE-1 Program. I would use the FTbN first. The FTbN gives you 12 degree metering, mirror lock-up, a depth of field preview lever, Quick Loading and a fairly quiet shutter. Most of these are found with the plain microprism focusing screen but some have the combination splt image/microprism aid. The EF has center weighted metering and is also found with both types of focusing screens. It is not as convenient to use in manual mode but has a faster responding silicon blue meter cell. The flash synch speed is faster but there is no Quick Loading and not all of the shutter speeds work without batteries. Both cameras use Canon's rectangular diopter attachments. The EF, of course, has shutter priority automation. You need to either have the meter adjusted on the FTbN for use with alkaline 1.5 volt batteries or you can use an MR-9 adapter or just put in 675 1.4 volt znc-air hearing aid betteries. The battery cahmber's spring will hold the zinc-ar battery in place. The EF takes two A625 1.5volt cells and adjusts their voltage. The A-1 doesn't suit everyone. It has center weighted metering and many exposure modes but is not handy to use in manual mode and is especially annoying to use if you like to preview your depth of field. It does allow the use of motorized film advance. The AE-1 Program has user interchangeable focusing screens while the A-1 has factory interchangeable focusing screens (if you can find any of them). I enjoy using an FTb or FTbN or EF if I am not using an F-1, F-1n or F-1N. I am not looking at my A-1 now but I think it also takes the rectangular eyepiece accessories.