If you can fit a 4 x 5 with a motor drive and still get it in a pocket fine. I am looking for something a private pilot can use without lumbering himself with intrusive equipment. He is flying for fun, but has been kind enough to volunteer to help me at the same time, so I need a camera where he will get the best detail for the least trouble. 35mm will still outclass his digital and he just won't use anything bigger. I use 6 x 7 myself with a bit of 35mm colour. I don't know any archaeological flier that uses large format. You just can't take pictures fast enough. Mapping work is often done around 10,000 feet and covers large areas on a relatively small number of frames, shooting vertically, often in specially modified aircraft. We work between 500 and 2,000 feet, covering details as obliques by just shooting out of the window of little light aircraft like C-150s and I can easily take 200 pictures an hour, often in intensive bursts. It just can't be done with large format. As for getting serious, well have a look at my books or TV stuff: it keeps me in work.