I have only shot 35mm film in converted cameras so far. I use ISO 200 & 400 because 100 doesn't come in the cheap 4-5 pack rolls.

Exposures on days measuring EV 10-12 has been 3/4-12 seconds (don't do the math; I'm remembering approximately). I did a lightbulb-lit still life that took 6 minutes with ISO 200 film.

Camera is probably permanently set up for b/w now as I epoxied a yellow/K2 filter behind the pinhole.

Nothing spectacular here, but
has my life's work of 3 rolls there (I need to get out more often), identified by film type. These were all done at 1-hour lab as they were all C-41 films.

I've recently started having 1 hour dev + burn to CD instead of prints. The lab's scanner is very likely better than mine, saves me the time and dust of scanning, and there is inherent 'enlargement' in high res scan displayed on 96 dpi monitor.

I can't find the pic of the back of the camera right now... I made a chart of exposures times straight and reciprocity corrected. Maybe I should share the chart before I jabber on about it because a pic's worth a thousand words. In sum, I have EV-reading light meters. I figure out what the camera EV (actually Av, aperture value) is, offset it for filtration used and ISO stops away from nominal 100 used for EV system. Table shows meter reading, minus EV component of the camera/filter/film system, so I have a table of required exposure in both Tv (time value) and then time, then a column for reciprocity-corrected exposure. I am very prone to adding & subtracting the factors in the wrong order on the fly, so the chart on the back allows me to take a meter reading and read exposure directly off the chart; no measuring at f/16 and calculating. The math is done at home ahead of time. If I change film speed, I have a new chart prepared ahead of time. Chart is printed out small enough to tape to back of camera.

I've been threatening to write this up more logically to share because I really like it. However, I am prone to making things much more complex than needed because I want something a certain way.

I'll be back.