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For me it's about consistency, and grain becomes a factor in smaller film formats, and now that I've switched to JOBO processing for consistency and ease of developing etc etc, I could develop 12 rolls of PanF+ at once or a combination of 35mm, 120, and 4x5 (if it existed) and could be standardized on that film for all my modeling work which is what PanF+ is good for to me. But now I have to learn a whole new film for 4x5 and have another development run and can't shoot the same exposure with multiple cameras unless I abandon PanF+ entirely for Delta100 which I don't like as much for modeling.

Those are only some of the reasons.

But now that I'm done "experimenting" I'm happy to shoot with only 2 films. And would prefer PanF+ and HP5+ be my two... But that doesn't work for sheet film, so D100 it is... That means I'll be one of the many that no longer purchases PanF+ and the numbers dwindle... Someday there won't be enough and it will go away but not because it's not popular but because it doesn't transcend all formats...
shoot delta100 at 25 ISO and soup in solvent developer to keep the ISO the same & process in two batches

you should not have switched to a rotary tank compromises edge effect and grain - some say...

keep shooting panf or buy larger fridge