I think the price is a bit high.

I bought several Opemus 5 enlargers for around 3 euros here in Holland. People really want to get rid of those things taking room in the attic since the 1980s.
These were without meochrom head. But I never see bids on Opemus 5 enlargers with meochrom on our local ebay (marktplaats.nl).

50 mm 3-element lenses aren't worth much anymore. Almost everyone buys a 6-element lens these days (Rodenstock Rodagon, Schneider Companon, Meopta Meogon) and they cost between 40 and 70 euros.
I tried selling a very nice looking Rodenstock Rogonar 3-element lens once that I bought at a thrift store for under 5 euros. I didn't get any bids. It's still in a box somewhere.

Maybe the voltage stablizer is worth the money. Do you need one in Greece?

The Meopta Opemuses are nice enlargers but they were very common in the 70s and 80s in Europe.