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you could have gone through your credit card company and had the transaction cancelled on your end. Much quicker and less hassel
Recently, I won an item from eBay, and the seller *never* shipped. I went through all the eBay screens and complaint sections - MAJOR frustrations, to say the least.
Finally, my wife, who has worked in the Credit - MasterCard area of my bank for *many* moons, took charge - and managed to connect with a human being in the MasterCard - Capital One outfit on the other side. I thnk there is some sort of code-language these people use.
Within 15 minutes I had an e-mail notifying me that MC had executed a "chargeback" to this sleaze's account, and instructing me to hold any records of the transaction - just in case. MC said they had done it - and would worry about "details" later. I haven't heard a word about the chargeback since (two months) except for an e-mail from the sleaze-seller squealing like a - what I think he is.

It is unfortunate, though, that anyone who does NOT have "connections on the inside" should have to go through such a tangled mess to reverse a swindler's actions.